About Us

At Nature Complete, we believe that health is our greatest wealth. We never compromise on our valuable health. So why should we compromise on the quality of our nutritional supplements? Every product we create contains only the finest possible ingredients that we procure from around the world. Every product we create also reflects what we believe in and is aligned to the highest possible standards we have set.



Nature Complete was established in 2006. We are specialising in Chlorella Growth Factor, Certified Organic Chlorella, and Certified Organic Spirulina. Nature Complete is committed to provide safe, effective and the finest possible supplements to help ourselves and our families maintain optimal health, and we are pleased to share the products with you.  


 •   In 2011, Nature Complete introduced Chlorella Growth Factor Capsules,  extracted from the nucleus of Chlorella. It was the first product in its kind that was available in the UK. 

 •   In 2007, Nature Complete was the first UK company given Organic Import Authorisation by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to import Certified Organic Chlorella and Certified Organic Spirulina. 

•   In 2007, Nature Complete Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina were the first such products that the Soil Association ever certified. 


We will continue to introduce a wider range of products that meet our gold standards of safety, performance and integrity.