Sustainability & Responsibility

Future Matters

As a business that’s been around for over a decade, we are always looking for new and inventive ways to conduct our business in a way that is sustainable for all of us. 


Organic farming 

We support organic farming. It works in balance with our planet, not against it. Not only organically farmed food healthier, it provides practical solutions to meet the challenges of global warming and other environmental issues. That is why we use organic ingredients as must as possible in our products, and most of our products are certified organic by The Soil Association.

 One of our Organic Chlorella and  Spirulina cultivation farms






At Nature Complete, we work hard to ensure that the materials and ingredients are socially and ethically sourced. It's the principle we honour across our entire business. We strive for sustainable production and quality at every turn.






Great things are accomplished by talented people. Our achievement comes down to the magic of our people. Without their talent, diversity, and hard work , we simply would not be where we are today. We promote an inclusive culture and celebrate the diversity of our teams with a focus on multiculturalism. It is these areas which will underpin our sustainability and legacy for innovation and creativity in the future.




Ever since we started our business in 2006, re-use has remained at the core of our principles. All our packagings are recyclable. We encourage our customers to recycle more. We continue to challenge ourselves to rethink areas of our business where the packaging could work better and smarter to reduce the impact on the environment.

For a comprehensive, jargon-free, practical guide on how you can recycle better and where you can recycle your waste, please visit





Climate change are critical for the future for all. People and nature worldwide are already feeling the effects. As a business, we are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We encourage everyone to take climate action. To learn more about how to protect our environment better, please visit