What newspapers say?

The media prints many articles on health and nutrition issues. Here are just a few items from articles that have featured Spirulina or Chlorella:

The Observer newspaper 15th April 2001

Jane Clarke explains how your libido could be boosted by eating food that contains amino acids tyrosine and argintine as these produce neurotransmitters that stimulate arousal. They are found in protein-rich food such as high grade Spirulina or Chlorella.

Jane Clarke is a State Registered Dietician

The Guardian 12th July 2003

Emma Mitchell advised the use of Spirulina and Chlorella for someone who wanted to look for a natural way of achieving hormone balance.

Emma Mitchell is a Natural Health Therapist

The Guardian 2nd February 2002

Jennifer Harper links good diet to mental alertness and claims that certain nutrients can have a positive effect. She goes on to cite Spirulina as a product that can provide help as a “brain food”.

Jennifer Harper is a Registered Naturopathic Physician

On the Daily Mail website July 2006

Mandy Francis advises readers to use Spirulina in powder form to aid detoxification and provide nutrients.

Daily Mail’s Female section 29th January 2001

Naomi Coleman claims that Spirulina can give an energy boost that can help cleanse the blood. It is also valuable to vegetarians as a good daily supplement.

The Daily Mail 19th June 2006

Judith Keeling claims that to lose 7lbs in 7 days you need to start with buying a range of supplements, these included Spirulina.

The Daily Mail, 26th June 2006

Suzi Grant claims that a “new you” in 24 hours is possible if you eat healthily and take 6 Spirulina tablets to produce energy and anti-ageing nutrients, improved brain function and a reduction in the incidence of heart disease.

The Independent 11th July 2006

Anastasia Stephens claims that you can forget vitamin pills because superfoods are the real thing. She goes on to claim that Spirulina and Chlorella are a better protein source than meat and that protein from algae does not have to be broken down as it does with meat and is therefore ready to use.

The Observer 8th August 2004

Dr John Briffa had 10 tips for treating anxiety naturally. Number seven was to include Spirulina in your diet.

The Guardian 2nd October 2004

Steven Brown interviewed singer Beverley Knight, who stated that she not only takes Spirulina but Chlorella as well, to prevent her from becoming ill while she is on tour.

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