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Spirulina - The imazing Algae

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Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina

Mike Adams

Some have called this book, "The most courageous voice yet..." on chlorella and spirulina. That's because inside this book, you'll get the astounding truth on how these two superfoods are far more than just "supplements" like vitamins and minerals: they are disease preventing and even reversing foods from nature that can actually help conquer cancer, nerve damage, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, clinical depression, and much more.


5 Reasons To Choose Organic

The Soil Association

Organic is good for you and your planet, is kind to animals and wildlife and allows us make a big difference - simply through the way we shop. With all these benefits, itís easy to see why organic delivers such good value for money.


Why 5 A Day?


Fruit and vegetables are part of a balanced diet and can help us stay healthy. Thatís why it so important that we get enough of them. 5 A DAY highlights the health benefits of getting five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Thatís five portions of fruit and veg altogether, not five portions of each. Here is 5 reasons to get five portions.


Basic Of Nutrition

British Nutrition Foundation

We all need energy to grow, stay alive, keep warm and be active. Energy is provided by the carbohydrate, protein and fat in the food and drinks we consume. It is also provided by alcohol. Different food and drinks provide different amounts of energy. Carbohydrate is the most important source of energy for the body. Sources of carbohydrate include starchy foods, e.g. bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, pulses and breakfast cereals. Different people need different amounts of energy.


Vegetarian And Vegan - helping you make healthier choices

Food Standards Agency

The important thing to remember if you're a vegetarian is that you need to eat a balanced diet to make sure you're getting all the nutrients your body needs.The main healthy eating messages are the same for everybody. As part of a healthy balanced diet, we should all be trying to do the following.


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